‘Personal development, behaviour

and welfare are outstanding’

'Staff know all children exceptionally well. Staff meet children's individual needs and relationships are nurturing. Resources and environments are highly stimulating and help children to be highly motivated and eager to join in. Children have easy access to the high-quality resources, which help to promote their independence well as they choose what they would like to play with. Staff provide healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks for all children and meet children's individual dietary needs effectively. Staff teach children an early understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe, such as by encouraging them to identify and manage everyday risks. Staff are extremely vigilant in maintaining children's safety. They supervise them very well at all times. Staff follow children's routines from home highly successfully. This offers children familiarities and helps them feel extremely safe and secure, and creates an excellent home-from-home environment.'

On the 7th July 2016, Cotswold Bunnies were visited by OFSTED. We received a thorough inspection, the summary of key findings is below. In the area of personal development, behaviour and welfare we were judged OUTSTANDING.

'This provision is GOOD


Staff work well in partnership with parents to share information about children's progress and ways they can extend children's learning at home.


Settling-in procedures, are extremely well planned and tailored to individual children. Children settle quickly and are well prepared for their next stage in learning. This supports their emotional well-being excellently.


Children's behaviour is excellent. Staff are excellent role models and give children consistent messages about expectations. Staff are highly effective in teaching children from a very young age about possible dangers and hazards. This helps children understand risk so they can keep themselves safe.


Staff plan extensive outdoor learning opportunities for children to learn about nature, living things and the environment.


Leaders promote professional development for staff effectively. This ensures that children receive consistently good-quality care and teaching.'

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